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A cute, soft, and friendly fantasy RPG tileset/asset pack including over 200 pixel-art tiles. Each tile is 12x12 pixels, and all tiles pull their colors from a pool of 256 colors, many of which originate from the Game Boy Color's palette. Some tiles are redundant but are included for consistency and ease-of-use.

Suitable for RPGs and Roguelikes, designed with typical dungeon crawlers in mind.

Simple walls and solid floors, friendly faces and dangerous monsters, mysterious potions and powerful weapons... Who knows what you'll find down in the dungeons?

Well, I know, and I'll tell you. There are several weapon sprites, which include but are not limited to: a sword, halberd, mace, bow, and wand. Armour (and clothes) comes in various pieces, designs, and colors. There's also slimes, goblins, distinct and emotive (albeit static) character sprites, GUI icons, grass and trees, containers such as chests and barrels, skeletons!!!! and more.

The simple nature of tiles makes them easy to modify, so if you don't have the options you need, you can do it yourself using the existing tiles as a guide.

I plan on adding to this as well, so if you decide to buy, check back here for more tiles! (And please, if you could take the time to provide feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it! Anything that helps me improve as an artist is welcome - the goal is to make assets that are visible, recognizable, simple, and consistent.)

Plain and simple, here's what you get:

  • Over 200 tile-based graphics
    • On a single sheet - .png and .bmp formats
    • Each tile is 12 pixels by 12 pixels
  • Various wall and floor tiles
  • "Clutter" objects and items
  • Containers; barrels, chests, and bags
  • Characters, NPCs, and enemies
  • Dozens of GUI icons and a typeface
  • Confusing water tiles! Make your own terrible water dungeon!
  • Example images
  • A fun monospace font (don't buy this for the font, it's not shown in the screenshots and isn't very good, think of it more as a "bonus")
    • Provided in .otf format
  • Bottom text


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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